Interview: Victoria (Lisa Marie Varon) Talks All Things 2021 Royal Rumble

Hey guys! Welcome to an exclusive episode of A Wrestling Gal podcast--providing you with a female perspective on all things wrestling! Join me: your host and wrestling enthusiast, Ella Jay, as today I am joined by the 2-time WWE Women's Champion, Victoria (aka Lisa Marie Varon)! Now let’s chaaaaaaat!

Watch the full audio interview with Victoria, as we discuss her appearance in the 2021 Women's Royal Rumble, her thoughts on Bayley, meeting Smackdown Women's Champion Sasha Banks, which legends she'd like to see return next year, and much more! Some highlights and links to the entire audio interview are below.

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Q: Was there anybody who stood out to you for their work or the their abilities in the ring of the newer crop of talent?

"Oh, my God, I cannot tell you. There were so many good talent. I was just like, when I was watching a little bit before going to do my entrance, I went to Tori, I was like: 'Oh, my God, what the heck are we doing out there?' Oh, my gosh. I mean, because they were just doing major big moves and stuff like that. And I was like: 'are they can even pop on my spiderweb, my spinning sidewalk slam. Are they going to you know--', it was just incredible.

They're all really, really good. And I was telling you, the bar they have set-these girls, the new girls that come in to try out, better be freakin on the A-game because the girls are freaking phenomenal, great athletes. Their cardiovascular is off the charts. They're all beautiful in their own way....yeah, of course, Bayley was you know, it brings back a lot of memories because she came to two autograph sessions when she was 12 or 14 years old and she said she wanted to be a diva when she gets older and you hear that from a lot of people to get your autograph and stuff like that. And they don't realize how hard it is to get your foot in the business or become an amazing wrestler. I mean, it's it's a twenty four hour every day job. It's not where we go to practice for two hours a day. It's not like that. You have to do shows every single weekend. And to see her [Bayley], she was such a good ringleader....I would blank out and stare [during practice] and like Bayley and Ruby [Riott] kept on coming up to me: 'Are you OK? Do you have it? You have everything?' And it was so sweet of them to be nurturing me, which in my generation when I was wrestling, I would go up to the new girl, the rookie going, 'You okay, you got everything.' I go, 'if you forget anything, don't worry. I know what's going on. Just relax. This is not a script. You know, this is not choreographed. I will talk to you out there. So you know what? If you forget something, I'm going to come back to you. I'm going to talk to you and make sure you're ready.' And so that was a-that's a good ringleader is to make your opponent feel calm. And, you know, you're only as good as your opponent. Do you know? I mean, because you both make each other look really good and thank God they were there."

Q: Thoughts and response to Bayley's tweet?

"I saw a couple of days ago, 'I want to wrestle @RealLisaMarie '..... I was so shocked. I was like, because of course, you know, the feed, like it's so long to catch up on social media, right?.... It's hard. It's hard. It's honestly, and I saw that because someone else was on top of my feed as someone commented on it and I was like 'what are they commenting about' and I saw it's like, 'oh my God' I was like-I retweeted, I think I put hearts by it."

Q: What are your thoughts on that potential matchup with you and Bayley?

"You know I would have to have a discussion with WWE. You never know. You never say never in this wrestling. Right, because obviously. Ric Flair has been back for so many times, and you know what I mean, so you can't say retire. You have to say, you know, I don't even know what the proper word is. Just take a little hiatus? I don't know. But, yeah, they have a great roster. I was I did send Mark Carrano an audio message and of course I start crying. I'm just like, your roster is incredible. I am so thankful that the girls were so receptive and they were so nice..."

Q: What was your experience like meeting and interacting with Sasha Banks?

"I have actually met her before. Okay, so she walks into rehearsals and I'm like, 'oh, I thought she has a championship match' and she walks and I go, of course I make a big scene because I'm so dramatic, and I'm not a quiet person. I'm like 'Sasha!, oh my God, I marked out when I saw you on Mandalorian. Oh my God', I go, 'I am a Star Wars freak', you know that. And I said, 'I have a Mandalorian pillow, I have the doll, I have the face mask.'.... I said 'I marked out. I just I could not believe-I'm so happy for you'. Oh, my God. I go the first time I've been jealous of a Diva....I said: 'the first time I ever been jealous because I'm a Star Wars freakin nerd and geek. I wanted that part.' I wanted that part... And when I saw her, I was like, oh, my God. And then, then I found out later- I heard one of the girls said, 'yeah, she's getting her action figure for Star Wars Mandalorian'. I go, 'Sasha, I have a huge favor, can you get me an action figure of you? Can you sign it for me?'......But I was just so proud that they're pushing the talent as much as they are, you know what I mean? That they're like getting them bigger spotlights and wow, wow. It was just like she's like I think she was kind of shocked at how I reacted. And I was like, 'you guys, she's part of Mandalorian', and they're like they're like looking at me, and I was like going, 'it's Mandalorian! This is, this is a big deal, dude....But yeah, I marked out. I'm proud of her and I'm, you know, she's phenomenal. I think she's phenomenal. I'm glad she's still humble about it.....but I marked out big time, I'm so Sasha Banks, I love you. And I'm so proud of you. Really proud of you. Seriously, keep it going girl!"

Victoria on coming out at #10 in Royal Rumble:

"On the rehearsal day when they announced the-you know, what number, we're coming in, and they're like number ten, Victoria. Everybody started applauding in there, Abyss, Adam Pierce, and Nattie's husband, T.J., was like going, you know, 'people have been waiting for this moment, let her get her shit in, let her, you guys just pump and feed. You just sell for her.' I started crying. And then Mickie start crying. Torrie started crying. And everybody got me super emotional....I didn't know if they did number ten because my birthday is on February 10th. I didn't know. But, and then I later found out they wanted me to be number one but they didn't want to repeat a history that someone came out number one from the Men's Rumble. I don't know what it was from....And I was like, oh, no, I'm glad I wasn't number one, I don't want to stay in freakin for 12 girls enter so I can get all my moves in. Then I would have been so blown up. But I was like, you know, yeah, I thought they were going to wait a little bit longer. Like I didn't know I was going to be number ten. I thought I was to be in the 20s."

Victoria on when she got the call to be in the Royal Rumble:

"I didn't pick up the phone. I got a text message: 'We would like to talk to you." And I saw the 203-area code and it was Mark Carrano, and I was like, 'okay, the Rumble is coming up' and I was driving too, and so I was like, I can't focus on a phone call and drive. And I was just going, 'I wonder if this is about the Rumble'. I finally call back. I first talked to SoCal Val and Mickie James. They're like: 'I hope you're doing it. And I'm like, 'isn't the Rumble in two weeks? How am I going to get ring ready in two weeks?' I don't want to look like an ass. I don't want to look out of shape. I don't want to be blown up. I was like, I don't have my hair extensions. So I'm like, I am not presentable right now. I didn't feel 100 percent like physically ready because you cannot get ready for a match in two weeks or even two months. You can't get ready unless you're in the ring. So I bought a recumbent bike on sale at Big Five trying to get in shape and lose weight and stuff like that. But recumbent bike-Come on, dude, you can't. It's cardio. That's it. It's not like having the adrenaline pump inside you and just getting ready to take a hit or bump and just go, go, go. Recumbent bike is just-you're just pedaling. So yeah, I was so super nervous and but I called back and talked to Mark Carrano: 'We're finally finally, we're in contact you about Rumble' and I'm like, 'OK, what's the date?' and I was like, 'OK, all right, book me."


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