Impact Wrestling Press Pass: Deonna Purrazzo & Rohit Raju

We're a few days away from IMPACT Wrestling’s major pay-per-view, Bound For Glory . I had the grand opportunity to chat with current Knockout’s Champion Deonna Purrazzo and current X-Division Champion Rohit Raju recently on Impact's Press Pass before both champions defend their titles at BFG on October 24th.

[ You can read the entire transcript below, or watch the Press Pass in full here. ]

Ella Jay - A Wrestling Gal: "My first question is for Deonna. You rightfully earned the nickname the 'Iron-Woman of Impact Wrestling', but do you feel any pressure to live up to that nickname and how do you think you’re going to elevate yourself even more to live up to a nickname like that?"

Deonna Purrazzo: "There’s a tremendous amount of pressure to continue to live up to the hype that I’ve gave to myself and the target I’ve put on my back, so at Bound For Glory I have been training hard to come into this match, and whether it be 20 minutes or 30 minutes--be able to go the distance again and have the same outcome that I’ve had at Slammiversary and that first ever Ironman Match, and that is to come out victorious, that is to break arms and stay the Knockouts Champion."

Ella Jay: "Well, thank you so much, and to Rohit, who do you think poses the biggest threat in this 6-way Scramble match you have coming up at Bound For Glory?"

Rohit Raju: “TJP. Everyone else in that match is fantastic, they all bring something to the match but TJP is on a whole different level than anybody in this match. He’s the biggest threat; he’s been around the longest. He’s the most experienced; he’s the most knowledgeable. He knows what he’s doing and then some and where he comes across very aloof at times and goofy, when he’s actually in the ring, he’s a huge threat. I know Chris Bey obviously wants to get his revenge because I out-finessed him, you know, whatever, but his mind won’t be in the right spot because he’ll be angry. Jordynne, she’s coming in, she might be a fish out of water. I know a lot of people are thinking she’s going to come in and clean house. Well guess what? A lot of people might not be so eager to just welcome her with loving arms. Instead, she might get a kick to the face. And then there’s Trey, who also poses a huge threat, but I don’t think he’s a bigger threat than TJP. I think TJP is the biggest threat, but however, I can’t sidestep any of them. I can’t overlook any of them. My head has to be on a swivel the whole time on the 24th you better believe. I believe all of them are a threat to my title but I think TJP is the largest threat.”

Ella Jay: Well thank you so much for your time, and good luck at Bound for Glory! Go kill it out there!

DP: Thanks!


Don’t forget to check out Impact’s upcoming pay-per-view event Bound for Glory available on FiteTV here on Saturday, October 24th!

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