Get to Know Me

1. Name?

Ella Jay

2. Where do you currently live?

The city of Buffa-love: Buffalo, NY

3. Who is your first best friend?

I have quite a few - I'll plug their IG's






4. How tall are you?


5.Dogs or Cats?

I love both actually--although I've grown up with cats my whole life, I've always wanted a beagle too!

6. Funniest moment throughout high school?

Freshman year I played softball and I was playing right field and a hit was coming towards me by there was a rock in the way, so the softball hit the rock and deflected into my sunglasses, shattered them, and gave me a black eye. The next day at school, my principal and friends--who know I'm an introvert who HATES conflict, both asked if I got into a fight someone (I desperately tried to cover up the black with concealer but it didn't work lol), and my one friend kept joking that I shouldn't mess with her again (as if she's the one I got into a fight with), but no one believed that it was from softball so they kept calling me a badass!

7. What year were you born?

1997 gang

8. Are you in/have you gone to college?

I graduated college in 2019 with a Bachelor's in Psychology!

9. What is your favorite drink(s)?

Diet Coke w Lime, Caramel Ice Capp (Tim Hortons), & Orange Vitamin Water

10. What is your spirit animal and why?

I'd say an armadillo--I definitely feel I have to put up a wall sometimes (like hiding in a ball to protect myself like an armadillo does), but once I gain trust or friendship in someone, I'll truly open up. I'm also very loyal, empathetic, and would consider myself generous!

11. What is your favorite TV show quote?

"Tony you are so...."

"Handsome? Funny? What?"


12. Tea or Coffee?

I personally don't like either, but I can tolerate green tea

13. What are your life goals?

To expand my work in podcasting, interviewing, & blogging in wrestling! Get married, have three kids, live a healthy and financially stable life, travel

the world.

14. What sports do you play or have you played?

Dance, Gymnastics, Volleyball, Basketball, Bowling, Softball, and Karate.

15. Do you know your personality type?


16. What is your favorite movie?

The Parent Trap & And Then There Were None

17. Who are your favorite YouTubers?

Jkparty, HelloKaty, Megan Parken, ASMRMagic, ASMRBakery, Smosh, Peridiam

18. Do you speak any languages and how well?

I took Spanish for 7 years and Latin for 3, but I'm not fluent

19. Are you single or taken?


20. Nicknames?

so many nicknames lol: Ella Enchanted, Umbr(ella), El, Ellie, Ellurrr, Mella, EJ, Nikki (my middle name is Nicole), or people just call me by my last name

Bonus: "Is Ella short for something?"

"Are you named after the singer?"

"Ella, ella, eh-eh-eh"

21. What is your favorite color?


22. How would you describe your fashion sense?

Comfy & kind of sporty

23. What is your go-to hairstyle?

A messy bun

24. How many siblings do you have?


25. What is your go-to fast food order?

McDouble plain, small fry & strawberry/banana smoothie

26. Have you been to any concerts or Festivals? Which were the most memorable?

Yes I've been to 11 or 12 concerts! The most memorable was definitely Daughtry in 2018 & Mickie James in 2019

27. Your most memorable childhood memory?

When I was younger (about third grade) me and the girls at my lunch table would put gummy bears under the seats of the fourth grade boys sitting next to us as they were in the lunch line. It was stupid--but I vividly remember it for some reason.

28. Are you a hoarder?

Of wrestling merchandise and memorabilia, OH YES! my collection has been growing since 2010

29. Do you have any bad habits?

Drinking too much soda, overthinking, not standing up for myself

30. What is your favorite Netflix show?

Glitch & The Society

31. Show us your songs tab on Spotify

32. What TV show are you currently watching?

Big Brother

33. What is your favorite sports team?


34. What is your star sign? Do you relate to it?

Scorpio--& definitely! I'm intense, intuitive, secretive (only bc I have trust issues), loyal, and empathetic

35. What is your favorite ice cream flavor?

Cookie n Creme

36. Who is your celebrity crush?

Chace Crawford

37. Who is your role model?

Mickie James

38. Do you love music? Which genre/artists are your favorites?

Yes! I love pretty much anything, but country, pop & rap are my favorite!

Artist wise, big fan of Elliott Yamin, Katy Perry, Carrie Underwood, Kelly Clarkson, Khalid, The Script, Daughtry

39. What are your pet peeves?

SLOW WALKERS & rudeness

40. What song do you listen to when you feel sad?

What Hurts The Most - Rascal Flatts


Favorite wrestlers?

Shawn Michaels, Mickie James, Jeff Hardy, Kurt Angle, Edge, Alexa Bliss, Charlotte Flair, John Morrison, The Miz, Dakota Kai, Io Shirai, Rhea Ripley, Dolph Ziggler, Randy Orton, Natalya, Melina, Kelly Kelly, Kingsley, Jamie Hayter, Jetta, Jessica Troy, Deonna Purrazzo

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