Exclusive Interview: Tasha Steelz

Hey guys! Welcome to an exclusive episode of A Wrestling Gal podcast--providing you with a female perspective on all things wrestling! Join me: your host and wrestling enthusiast, Ella Jay, as today, I am joined by one-half of the current Impact Knockout's Tag Team Champions: Tasha Steelz! Now let’s chaaaaaaat!

Watch the full audio interview with Tasha Steelz, as we discus the process of naming their team Fire N Flava, which former Knockout's Tag Champions she'd like to face, chemistry with Kiera Hogan, goals they'd like to accomplish during their Tag Team Championships run, female inspirations in the wrestling business, and much more! Highlights and the entire audio interview are below.

Photo Courtesy: IMPACT Wrestling


Q: Looking back at the history of the knockouts, tag team champions, if you could bring back any former champions to defend your championships against, who would you choose and why?

"Oh, man. I was trying to avoid this question. You know, my first thought is Gail and Madison, because they were the ones who pass the torch to us. But unfortunately, these two very, very talented women are retired. So there will be no Gail and Madison Rayne coming back. But, you know, I have been calling out Taylor Wilde and Sarita and I have been asking them, hey, come meet the new new champions! You guys were the first crowned, so come meet the brand new, new crowns, you know, so I would I would love to get in the ring with Taylor Wilde and Sarita in the very future, if we can possibly do that. Fingers crossed. I'm praying to God, everything. We're putting it out there. If we can put out bringing back the Knockouts Tag Titles we can put out that Taylor Wilde and Sarita would just pop up one day and say, hey, we are ready for Fire N Flava, so I'm ready for that!"

Q: Speaking of Fire N Flava, as you said, you and Kiera are known as Fire N Flava, so how did that specific team name come about and what does it mean for you both?

"Well, when I entered into Impact, I always say and I still say to this day, I think I'm have the brand that--I say that I brought the flava to Impact, which I did. I brought all the flava. I brought the swag. I brought the style to Impact. Kiera Hogan, she's the hottest flame. She's got all the fire. Ain't nobody taking that from her. And were just sitting down, like we were really thinking of team names like, we had to, you know, we have to come up with a team. You can't just be Kiera and Tasha, like UHH, that's nasty. So we just, we just decided, you know, Kiera, you the hottest flame. I got all the flava. Why don't we just call each of Fire N Flava and it just stuck with us and then we just started saying it and hashtagging it and tweeting it. And it just started sticking with other people as well--fans and just people just started getting used to it to the point where now everyone at Impact was like, oh yeah, we love this Fire N Flava, and they just had to find out the right wording, how to pronounce it right. And that just went with that. So, yeah, that's how Fire N Flava came about!"

Q: Now, what are some of the goals you and Keira have in mind that you'd like to accomplish during this run as the Knockout's Tag Team Champions?

"Well, for one, we want to be the best, that's ever--we want to be listed in the history books as one of the best tag teams. I mean, you have Madison and Gail. You have Taylor Wilde and Sarita, the, Beautiful People. They are listed as the best tag teams holding these Knockout Championships. And that's what we want to do, especially we are the first African-American and Afro-Latina Tag Team Champions here in Impact. So that's, for one, you know, a big thing for us. We definitely, we want to just show and prove that we're not just--it wasn't just by default of us winning. You know, we worked our ass off and we proved that we are the best and we're going to keep showing it off and we're not letting these Championships go. So you're going to see the longest reigning Knockout Tag Team Champions ever to do it in Fire and Flava! Hell, if we want to, you might see one half of us being a Knockouts Champion. So you hear, you heard it here. You got the exclusive. So that's what's going to happen."

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