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Hey guys! Welcome to an exclusive episode of A Wrestling Gal podcast--providing you with a female perspective on all things wrestling! Join me: your host and wrestling enthusiast, Ella Jay, as today, I am joined by one-half of The Killer Death Machines and current Impact Knockout: Nevaeh! Now let’s chaaaaaaat!

[You can watch the entire video of my interview with Nevaeh below, or read on for the full transcript.]

Photo Courtesy: IMPACT Wrestling

Hello everybody! Today I am joined by one-half of The Killer Death Machines, Nevaeh! So how are you doing today?

N: I’m doing well! How are you?

Pretty good! I’m excited to be chatting with you today! Now firstly, amongst this crazy world right now, have you been able to develop any new hobbies or discover any new talents with more time allotted at home?

N: I’ve been getting a lot more reading in and other talents though.

Now you officially debut for Impact earlier this year, but did that debut feel any different or strange with there being no crowd to feed off of?

N: It was definitely a little bit different, but the excitement and the adrenaline for me was personally still there.

Now speaking of crowds, throughout your career has there been a certain city or place you remember just having the most electric or vocal crowd that you can remember?

N: I’m such a huge fan of wrestling in Chicago. The Chicago fans give you a different kind of adrenaline rush, a different energy.

Since your debut, you’ve gotten a bit of a feel for your competitors, so what are your thoughts about the overall state of Impact Knockouts division right now?

N: I think that this division currently is very diverse, and there’s so much to be offered from so many different styles of wrestling that it’s one of those where I feel like you’re always seeing something new and having to stay on your feet.

Now, you’re obviously no stranger to tag team championships, in fact you were the first ever Shimmer tag team champion with Ashley Lane back in the day, so what is it like now to be in the same atmosphere as Madison Rayne now in 2020 in Impact?

N: It’s been a whirlwind, to see her now compared to when we were tag team partners so many years ago, like the moniker “Queen Bee”, she truly is the Queen Bee. She kind of just does it all, has her hands on everything. She’s so good at everything she does

Now of all your tag team partners throughout the years, is there one you think you have the best natural chemistry with in the ring?

N: I do believe Havok and I have the best chemistry. We kind of have that “we don’t need to speak, we just know what we’re about to do” kind of presence together.

You guys just kind of naturally work off of each other or when you guys were first getting together, did you have to work on that chemistry or did you naturally jive together?

N: We just naturally jive together.

Lately, we’ve seen a huge rise in the Knockout tag division with yourself and Havok, Tasha Steelz and Kiera Hogan, and Taya Valkyrie and Rosemary, so what are your thoughts on this rejuvenation of the Knockouts’ tag team division?

N: Personally, I love it. Tag wrestling is where I excel. Tag wrestling is where my heart is. I say bring on all the tag teams, because of all the tag matches.

Now, you actually have an exciting match coming up next week. It is a triple threat tag match featuring yourself and Havok, “The Killer Death Machines,” Kiera Hogan and Tasha Steelz, and Taya Valkyrie and Rosemary. So what are your thoughts heading into this matchup?

N: We definitely have our work cut out for us. Tasha and Kiera are always sticking their nose where it does not belong and Rosemary just can’t take no for an answer.

How do you think you’ll fend off against this competition? Because this Impact Knockout’s tag division is so heated, so competitive, so how do you think you and Havok will match up to them?

N: I think that we are definitely going to be up at the top with it, because we are so diverse in what we do as a tag team. We have two different styles that mesh so well together as one.

There’s been a lot of chatter about the possibility of reprising the Knockout’s Tag Team titles, so do you think that there’s a potential for these championships to make a comeback?

N: There’s always a potential for it to. I definitely have my hand in the air voting yes for it.

Photo Courtesy: IMPACT Wrestling

Like we said, you’re no stranger to your current tag team partner, Havok, as you’ve known her for many years, so I’m wondering, do you have any fun or memorable road stories with her that you could share?

N: Oh my gosh, we have a lot of fun! But I will say the first thing we do every road trip together is we put on some loud music and we grab Dunkin Donuts. That’s how we start our entire road trip every time!

What is your go-to order at the Dunkin Donuts?

N: Iced coffee with way too much sugar!

I bet it keeps you rejuvenated and awake!

N: Yes!

Now, we have to touch upon the big Impact pay-per-view coming up on October 24th, Bound for Glory. It is one of the most popular PPV’s for Impact, so what do you think the viewers can expect from this amazing PPV coming up? We’ve had a few matches announced, but what do you think of this overall PPV coming up? What can we expect?

N: I think it’s going to be jaw dropping action from start to finish! There’s not going to be a way to relax and take a break during any of it. I think the fans, as well as the wrestlers are all going to be on the edge of our seats.

Is there a certain moment in your career you felt all the glory or just one you’re generally the most proud of within your career?

N: Honestly, right now I would say the biggest thing for me was Slammiversary--getting to do what I felt like was my first biggest pay-per-view debut. And when the music hit, you had the surreal moment where you have to pause and take that breath and take it in.

You talk about going through that curtain and having that moment--you’re obviously a 16-year veteran in wrestling, but if for some reason you’re ever having an off day, how do you lift yourself up before a match or a performance?

N: I remind myself that no matter what’s going on, that once my feet step into that wrestling ring, I will not forget how to wrestle.

What has actually kept you motivated to keep showing up and turning out all these years in wrestling?

N: I always joke that wrestling is like a sick addiction. You can’t get enough of it, no matter what you do, you just can’t get enough. Being injured, beat up, maybe I should hang it up, my body can’t handle it, and then all of a sudden you have a match that brings you out and be like “I don’t know what I was thinking, just kidding. I’m ready to keep going."

You’re no stranger to stipulation matches throughout your career, you’ve done a lot. Do you know if there is any certain match stipulation that you would like to tackle that you haven’t necessarily yet?

N: I think the only stipulation match that I haven’t gotten under my belt that I would be game to still do would be a cage match.

I know one of your goals in Impact is to obviously make a huge household name for yourself, which I believe you’re well on your way to first of all. But, when you think of pro wrestling, what names instantly come to your mind who you consider to be household names?

N: I definitely think of Macho Man, and I go to Eddie Guerrero and Kurt Angle, then AJ Styles to me has always been a big household name.

We are all about girl power over here, so who are women in wrestling or in your personal life that you look up to or just empower you in general?

N: I definitely look up to my sister. She’s a nurse and she’s a single mother and she just handles business, no matter what it is and pushes through. I look up to women like Trish Stratus who was in the Diva division era, where the women weren’t looked at as being great competitors, but I always looked at it as: here you have a woman who looks great, who works so incredibly hard on her body, she works incredibly hard in the ring, and she’s only given three minutes to make the fans love her, when nowadays we have the better shot because we get 15 minutes or longer to prove what we can do in the ring. So I like the “Diva division”, I respect a lot of those women, because they had a lot harder circumstances to live up against on being a professional athlete.

Oh, definitely. Too, the women have made such a rise over the last few years and the Impact division is just so diverse and so exciting to be a part of. How does it actually feel to be a part of one of the most revolutionary women’s divisions in the world today? How does that feel?

N: It’s amazing, and revolutionary to me is the perfect word because before all of the current revolution, Impact always had the Knockouts pay-per-views and they’ve always put so much meaning behind the word Knockout: not meaning just a good-looking girl. A Knockout means they can do it all. So to me, it’s an honor to even be remotely called a Knockout.

Before I let you go, can you please just tell the listeners where they can check out Impact’s Bound for Glory pay-per-view on October 24th?

N: You can find that pay-per-view at Fite.TV. Bound for Glory is October 24th, and I’m so excited, but don’t forget that you can catch us every Tuesday at 8 o’clock on AXS TV!

I certainly look forward to this triple threat tag team match coming up girl, you better go slay it out there!

N: Yes! We’re going to kill it!

Well, thank you so much again for chatting with me Nevaeh, I’m so excited for all these great things you have coming up!

N: Yes, the pleasure is mine. Thank you for having me!


Don’t forget to check out Impact’s upcoming pay-per-view event Bound for Glory available on FiteTV here on Saturday, October 24th! Also tune into Nevaeh’s upcoming matchup, as she & Havok take on Kiera Hogan & Tasha Steelz, and Taya Valkyrie & Rosemary in a triple threat tag team match, this Tuesday, October 13th on Impact Wrestling at 8/7c on AXS TV!

Special thanks to Nevaeh for taking the time to chat with me, and to IMPACT Wrestling for setting up this interview! You can follow Nevaeh here and IMPACT Wrestling here. You can watch Nevaeh on IMPACT every Tuesday at 8/7c on AXS TV or Impact’s Twitch channel.

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