Exclusive Interview: Jordynne Grace

Hey guys! Welcome to an exclusive episode of A Wrestling Gal podcast--providing you with a female perspective on all things wrestling! Join me: your host and wrestling enthusiast, Ella Jay, as today I am joined by current IMPACT Knockout, Jordynne Grace! Now let’s chaaaaaaat!

Listen to the full audio interview with Jordynne Grace, as we discuss body positivity, Jazz's impact on the Knockout's division, her upcoming tag team match at Impact Rebellion, who she'd like to see signed to IMPACT, and much more! Some highlights and links to the entire audio interview are below.

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Q: You recently orchestrated a body positivity photo shoot with many other wrestling talents, so can you tell us more about the motivation or perhaps the overall purpose or message of the shoot?

JG: "It mainly stemmed from like all the negative comments that people were saying on social media, not necessarily to me, but to other women's wrestlers, and I would always see them-the other wrestlers, respond to these awful things that people were saying about their bodies; and just, it was extremely annoying to me, and I think that some people may be of the mindset of like, 'oh, a women's wrestler should look like the WWE Divas used to look like all the time, you know, super thin, huge boobs', stuff like that; and so I just kind of wanted to do this photo shoot just to basically put out that there's more there's more body types in women's wrestlers than just that."

Q: Can you give us a little glimpse into what we can expect from yourself and your tag team partner as we head into this tag team matchup this weekend?

JG: "It's actually kind of funny because I think Jazz knows what I look for in a partner, and I think I see a little bit of Jazz in my new partner because she's just hard hitting. She's got that, you know-doesn't take any kind of shit style, and I think that everybody is going to be surprised at what she can she can bring to Impact."

Q: What are your or perhaps the Knockouts general thoughts on the impact that Jazz has made in this Knockouts division?

JG: "We all love Jazz and she's obviously a legend, and she retired a couple of weeks ago and we had this big-it wasn't aired on TV or anything, but it was her last Impact taping. We had this kind of big ceremony backstage. We gave her cards and flowers and it was like a very heartfelt moment, and, you know, it's the stuff that you don't see on TV that I think means a lot as well; she's just an awesome person, and just the fact that all the Knockouts came together to do that really said a lot about her."

Q: If you had the power to sign any current talent in the world to the Knockouts division at Impact Wrestling, who do you think you would choose and why?

JG: "I think I would choose my old tag team partner, LuFisto....She's definitely a legend, and she's been wrestling, you know, probably longer than I've been alive at this point, and I think that she would be such a good addition to the Impact Knockout roster."

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