Exclusive Interview: Deonna Purrazzo

Hey guys! Welcome to an exclusive episode of A Wrestling Gal podcast--providing you with a female perspective on all things wrestling! Join me: your host and wrestling enthusiast, Ella Jay, as today I am joined by the reigning Impact Knockout's Champion, Deonna Purrazzo! Now let’s chaaaaaaat!

Watch the full audio interview with Deonna Purrazzo, as we discuss her ring gear inspirations, her alliance with Kimber Lee and Susan, independent wrestlers she thinks should join Impact, female inspirations and much more! Some highlights and the entire audio interview are below.

Photo Courtesy: IMPACT Wrestling



Q: If you had the power to sign any current talent from the world today to IMPACT wrestling, who do you think should be signed and why?

"Oh, gosh, I think I'm just like women's wrestling, so I don't know about men, but I have like a list of people that when the opportunity is right, I'd like to present and hopefully get into Impact Wrestling. And like atop of that list is Hyan, is Rok-C..... is Jody Threat..... But those three are, that I think could benefit so much from from being on TV and being with Impact Wrestling in our Knockouts Division could do the same with those three people. Willow Nightingale is another one who I suggest to everyone always because I've known her since we both started and I just want to see her get the opportunity to really showcase herself to the world. So yeah, I just think our vision has grown so much in the last year and I'm excited to see in the next year or two years or three years where it can go even further."

Q: Before we talk about your alliance with Kimberly and Susan, what are your thoughts on this evolution of Su Yung to Susie to now Susan?

"Oh, gosh. You know, Susie was her own entity, and then Su Yung is and now Susan's been a pain in the butt for me. But it's interesting to see how well she kind of flows in and out of each of these characters. And I think in terms of Susan, who I deal with on a weekly basis, now it's time to step it up. I want to see them follow in my footsteps and become possibly the next Knockouts Tag Team Champions. So I'm excited to see what the possibility is for Kim and Susan as a team. And as long as they're with me, I want them to succeed and I want to do everything I can to help them succeed".

Q: In terms of ring gear, do you have any new ideas or inspirations that you would like to see come to life? Because you're very keen on your ring gear.

"For me, my biggest inspiration for my gear is tying in like elements of like history's past. And right now I'm super into like the Renaissance and Medieval Times and bringing that into the Virtuosa is, I think it really connects. And it kind of, everyone kind of-- gives me crap like 'the Virtuosa. She's a good wrestler [but] there's no character behind it'. But for me, it's bringing in all of these elements of who I really am. I'd love history and I am a big--I love to learn about the Renaissance and Medieval Times are just so mystic to me. And I want learn more always, so I like to really do my research and really pick a time period to focus on at one point and tie that all into who the Virtuosa is. So that's kind of what I'm big on right now. But obviously I've become somewhat of a Jersey house-mom or housewife with some of the stuff that I wear in the fur and the big coats. So I just try to tie in a little bit of my culture too to it and see where it takes me. And then I have awesome designers and seamstresses who kind of have visions of what the Virtuosa is and then we all slap it together."

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