Charlotte Flair on her Royal Rumble Moment with Mickie James

I recently had the amazing opportunity to speak with "The Queen", Charlotte Flair during a WWE VIrtual Meet & Greet session, where we spoke about her encounter with 6-Time Women's Champion, Mickie James in the 2021 Women's Royal Rumble match.

This encounter marked the first time in WWE history that the two decorated champions engaged in the ring together in any capacity. Flair reveals that the encounter was not planned, and explains what truly transpired in the ring between herself and James. Watch the full video below for Flair's insight into this special moment.

In response to Flair, Mickie James recounted the moment as "truly special", and proclaimed that the two "barely scratched the surface".

See James' full response below:

What does the future hold for these two former Women's Champions? Will 2021 finally be the year we see this dream matchup come into fruition? But nevertheless, sometimes magic does happen! Hopefully this brief moment between Flair and James leads to the real thing!

What are your thoughts?

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